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A class action case is one that involves a group of people, known as a class, who find themselves in similar situations. Businesses and individuals need to be held accountable for creating a product that is harmful, malfunctioning, or does not function as advertised. These classes can contain hundreds, even thousands, of people. We are here to help prevent individuals and organizations from misleading, harming, and taking advantage of you.

You are not alone, and your rights need protection. Below are some of our current class action cases:

  • Alexis Bronson, et al., Plaintiffs v. Samsung Electronics America,  Inc., et al., Defendants

  • University of Florida Preview (if you are interested in getting involved, please complete this form.)

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Major Injuries

The costs of both work and non-work related injuries begin to add up quickly. From medical bills, to conflicts with insurance companies, to all the doctor visits; a victim of an injury can be physically, emotionally, and financially draining. Thus, it is important to not tackle them alone and to gain the help of a person who understands that you are a victim.


Hold the person, business, or insurance company accountable for turning your life upside down.

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Child Custody

Child custody cases are some of the most personal and emotionally draining legal disputes. Let us help you find a solution that will allow your child/children to be raised in the way that works best. Reaching an agreement with everyone will be our priority. However, these conflicts frequently create unreasonable demands and poor solutions that do not help the children or parties. In those instances, we will aggressively protect your rights and your children's rights to obtain the best possible outcome. Having first-hand experience with these matters, Attorney Rothstein understands how emotionally draining these situations can be, while also understanding that the kids are the number one priority.

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Civil Litigation

If you would like to request a consultation regarding a matter involving litigation, please Contact Us.


We have experience in Commercial, Probate, Insurance and Labor, and Employment Litigation.

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