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To Owners of Mahabis Detachable Slippers: You Could Recover $100

If you previously purchased Mahabis slippers with a detachable sole, you could be entitled to $100. The deadline may be as early as July 1, 2020, though, so you want to complete and submit a claims form as soon as possible! The process is explained below with a comprehensive guide attached!

The completed claims forms must be emailed to

Background Information:

Mahabis footwear is a British company which was founded with the idea of redesigning the comfortable slipper to be more versatile. By adding a replaceable sole, they attempted to develop a shoe which could be worn both indoors for relaxing and outdoors for work and errands. However, the product, bought by hundreds of thousands around the world, was faulty.

Rather than providing a new and improved footwear product, they wound up not fulfilling their promises to their customers, many who now had shoes which could not be worn and which even caused injury on occasion. Now, it is the responsibility of the customers to hold them accountable. Customers who purchased these shoes can potentially earn $100 according to the UK Insolvency Act of 1986. The original company which designed the slipper has since gone insolvent and been purchased by another company which no longer sells the shoes with the detachable sole.

This guide and claims form are only relevant if you purchased the slipper with the detachable sole, as depicted by the graphic found below:

Steps to Follow:

In order to recover your money, you need to complete the form which is attached below and email it to Please also copy us at The form itself is unnecessarily complicated, so we have created some tips to help you so that you can still earn the money you are entitled to.

Here is the form:

Blank Claims Form
Download • 133KB

To start, know that you are the Creditor, so if it asks for the Creditor's name or address, put your information! Also, if you are an individual, you can disregard the sections which refer to businesses, such as the registration number.

When it asks for the claim amount, insert the amount you spent to purchase the product, before taxes. It does not include uncapitalised state interest, so you can leave that blank.

For details around when the debt was incurred, enter information about when and how you purchased the product. For example, you could say "I purchased the shoes online in June of 2018. However, because they were defective, they never filled their intended purpose, and thus a debt was incurred."

You can also leave the sections blank which asks for details surrounding the security held and title about the product, these do not apply to this situation.

For the details about the document substantiating the debt, just input information from the receipt of purchase. If you purchased the product online, you should be able to find this in your email.

Finally, disregard the sections about preferential debt and dividend interest.

Don't forget to add your electronic signature!

For more information, download the comprehensive guide below which has a sample form filled out, more instructions about what everything means, and another blank form for you to download and complete.

Comprehensive Guide
Download • 1.26MB


We have made this guide for public use and distribution. However, in making this guide, we are not agreeing to represent the users of this guide, nor are we agreeing to represent people who submit this claims form. Thus, we are not bound by attorney/client privilege and no attorney/client relationship is formed by completing this claims form. This guide is merely to help explain this particular claims form to people. We will not be held responsible nor liable if the advice given is followed and the outcome differs than what is anticipated. This guide is not an advertisement for our services, nor for Mahabis products.

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